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Christmas Spirit

Christmas Spirit

Living in a world so bleak    

    the light can seem so dim

Cloud descends upon mountain

    Appears in fog we brim

A long winter does consume

    But of this hope we sing

Dear One wrapped in a manger

    The angels' chant did ring

A brilliant beam came to dwell

    this radiating glow

Streaming brightness down upon

    Looked out on us below

Redemption He gave mankind

    Present wrapped in infant

Cold, dreary, vulnerable

    clothed in bleak existence

Glory came to change our eyes

    to see salvation shine

To glare within the darkest

    to rise upon the grime

To make brand new and lift out

    of any pit man stands

To dawn a fresh existence

    near, far, and through the lands

He came - He lived! - He died

    His work is fully done

Rose from the grave - This Saviour

    Gift from God - Firstborn Son

A precious gleaming package

    the war on night was waged

Dark world in luminescence 

    that started as a babe.

' And the Word (Christ) became flesh, and lived among us; and we [actually] saw His glory, glory as belongs to the [One and] only begotten Son of the Father, [the Son who is truly unique, the only One of His kind, who is] full of grace and truth (absolutely free of deception). ' - JOHN 1:14 Amplified

I absolutely adore Christmas! I think the bright lights and Christmas cheer really bring to life what would otherwise be a very dark and gloomy time of year. The locals of this region say we "live in the cloud” during the winter months. The clouds descend and sit half way down the mountainside or in the valleys sometime during the autumn. Douvaine is nestled in a valley and we have spent the past six weeks under the clouds. The amazing view we have of lake Geneva and the mountains are no longer in sight and the grey skies and cold, wet weather of the lake can really start to set in on your mood.

I always try my best to rise above that sort of gloom. I refuse to give in to depression or oppression of any kind. With Christ’s help, that demon was conquered many years ago. However, I am truly enjoying the bright and cheery reprieve of the Christmas season, and I began thinking: “How many haven’t experienced the true joy of this season? How many have never seen the light of God’s love shine on their darkness?"

I sat this morning nestled up with my coffee in hand - next to my decorated tree filled with ornaments I unpacked from the states for the first time in seven years. Merry Christmas present to me! - and I decided it was a great morning for a Christmas poem. I trust  you will enjoy it. Jesus truly is our reason for this amazing season. He is that shining beacon in an otherwise dreary world.

Questions for Pondering:

What can you be doing to spread the light of Christ's love in your world this season?

How can you carry the warmth of this season throughout the year?


Lord, help us to live with the “Christmas spirit” (the Spirit of Christ) all year round, with His warmth and light brightening every sad and dreary corner of our world. In Jesus’ precious and priceless name. Amen.


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