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Adventure Into

I felt prompted to read John 3:16 today and look up the word “give.” It has a great depth of meaning, from bestow to offer. I encourage you to look it up in light of Christmas and what God was doing when He gave His one and only Son to the world.

Amongst other uses, that word give* is used to mean to adventure into. I love the imagery. I thought of this as I reflected on what Jesus did for us: He adventuredinto the world! He took a look at the state of our sin and said,

“It isn’t enough that I just sit up here in heaven and watch you die. I must get involved in your mess and do something about it.”

Wow, What an incredible saviour we have!

As we wind down from our fall travels in the states, and rest over the Christmas holiday, I am contemplative of what lies ahead. We have said for some time that “France is on the horizon” for our family and ministry.

Now, that horizon is getting much closer. It is both exciting and daunting, but I take heart in this: God is sending us. We didn’t dream up the call. I have told many, “I am not going to France to see the Eiffel Tower!” (I could take a summer holiday if that was my purpose :-P) 

So, in a little over one month the Salley family will adventure into France. God has purpose for us to get involved in the lives of the French people, and I am thrilled to see His adventure as we GO!



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